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Nature of Planning in Management Business

Nature of Planning in Management -Each manager has to choose objectives for his enterprise, department, section, unit or group. Based on the objectives he has to set goals for a exact period and make plans that include ways of reaching the set goals. Planning in general is

Managers as a Decision Maker in Business Management

Managers as a Decision Maker Everyone in an organization makes decision, but the decision making is particularly important in a manager’s job. Decision making is part of all four manager’s job. In fact, that’s why we say that decision making is the essence of management. It is

Strategic Planning Process in Business Management

Strategic Planning Process -The stronghold has adopted a rotary strategic planning method that makes intentional linkages between planning processes, budgeting, assessment, enfranchisement and continuous improvement efforts. The steps of the planning are mentioned in more detail below- Strategic Planning Process Strategic Initiatives: The centerpiece of our Strategic

Types of Plans in Management Business

Types of Plans in Management Planning is that the formal method and schedules to finish the work. Each organization hast to organize a concept to attain planned objectives in correct time. However, the categories of set up rely upon the character and sizes of the organizations. Plan