Decision Support Systems in Management Business

Decision support systems is an umbrella term wont to describe any pc application that enhances the user’s ability to create decisions. A lot of specifically, the term is sometimes accustomed describe a pc based mostly system designed to assist decision manufacturers use information data and technology to identify issues and create decisions to resolve those issues.

Types of Decision Support Systems

Since the definition of decision support systems may be stretched to incorporate virtually any application that processes information there’s some confusion on specifically what constitutes decision support systems. In an endeavor to clarify the term, decision support systems may be separated into seven broad classes, every aiding decision making by totally different ways. Business Management Decision Support Systems

Decision Support Systems

  • Knowledge Driven decision Support Systems: data driven decision support systems designed to suggest actions to users. generally data driven systems are designed to sift through massive volumes of information, determine hidden patterns in this information and gift recommendations supported those patterns.
  • Model Driven decision Support Systems: Model driven support systems incorporate the power to govern information to get applied math and monetary reports also as simulation models to help call manufacturers. Model based mostly call support systems may be extraordinarily helpful in statement the results of changes in business processes, as they will use past information to answer complicated what if queries for call manufacturers.
  • Document Driven decision Support Systems: Document driven decision support systems are support systems designed to convert documents into valuable business information. whereas information driven decision support systems trust information that’s already in a very standardized format that leads itself to information storage and analysis, document driven decision support systems makes use of information that can’t simply be standardized and hold on.
  • Communication Driven decision Support Systems: A communication driven decision support systems may be a style of decision support systems that enhances decision making by enabling communication and sharing of data between teams of individuals. At its most elementary level communication driven call support systems might be an easy rib email. At its most complexes it might be an online conferencing application or interactive video.
  • Web based mostly decision Support Systems: Any kind of decision support systems may be internet based. The term merely describes any decision network that’s operated through the interface of an internet browser though the information used for decision support remains confined to a inheritance system similar to an information warehouse.
  • Spreadsheet primarily based decision Support Systems: Model and information driven decisions Support systems may be designed victimization spreadsheets. Spreadsheets supply decision manufacturers simple to know representations of huge amounts of information. in addition, program information is organized in such the way on create it simple to convert the information into visualizations to more aid decision manufacturers.
  • Data Driven decision Support Systems: information driven decision support systems are a type of support systems that focuses on the availability of internal and generally external information to assist decision making. most frequently this can are available the shape of a information warehouse a info designed to store data in such the way on give its querying and analysis by users.

A properly designed decision support systems is an interactive software system primarily based system meant to assist decision manufacturers compile helpful info from a mix of information, documents, personal information or business models to spot and solve issues and create decisions. There are more information about Importance of Production Management in Business.

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