What is Controlling in Management? Features of Controlling Functions

What is controlling in Management -Features of Controlling Functions, Controlling definition, definition of controlling in management, Meaning of Controlling. Controlling consists of validatory whether or not everything happens in conformities with the plans adopted, directions issued and principles established. Controlling ensures that there’s effective and economical utilization of structure resources thus on bring home the bacon the planned goals. Controlling measures the deviation of actual performance from the quality performance, discovers the causes of such deviations also helps in taking corrective actions. What is Management in Business?

What is controlling in Management

According to Harold Koontz, “Controlling is that the mensuration and correction of performance so as to form positive that enterprise objectives and therefore the plans devised to realize them area unit accomplished.”

According to Henri Fayol, “Control of an endeavor consists of seeing that everything is being administered in accordance with that has been adopted, the orders that are given and therefore the principles that are set down. Its object is to show mistakes so as that they’ll be corrected and prevented from revenant.”What is controlling in Management

According to Donnell, “Just as a navigator frequently takes reading to confirm whether or not he’s relative to a planned action, therefore ought to a business manager frequently take reading to assure himself that his enterprise is on right course.”

According to EFL Breach, “Control is checking current performance against pre-determined standards contained within the plans, with a read to make sure adequate progress and satisfactory performance.”

According to Brech, “Controlling may be a systematic exercise that is termed as a method of checking actual performance against the standards or plans with a read to confirm adequate progress and additionally recording such expertise as is gained as a contribution to attainable future wants.”

Features of Controlling Function in Management

Following are the characteristics of controlling perform of management-

  1. Controlling may be a pervasive function: this implies it’s performed by managers in the least levels and all told kind of issues.
  2. Controlling is expounded with planning: planning and controlling area unit 2 indivisible functions of management. While not planning, controlling could be a unmeaning exercise and while not controlling, planning is useless. Planning presupposes controlling and controlling succeeds planning.
  3. Controlling is forward looking: Effective management isn’t doable while not past being controlled. Controlling invariably appearance to future in order that follow-up may be created whenever needed.
  4. Controlling is a finish performs: A function that comes once the performances ar created in conformities with plans.
  5. Controlling could be a dynamic process: Since controlling needs taking reviewable methods; changes ought to be created whenever attainable. There are more information about What is Leadership in Management? Importance of Leadership.

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