What is management committee in Business?

What is management committee, define committee, committee definition, meaning of committee, Personality or a bunch, selected by place of work, authority or larger meeting, to whom a matter is referred or is committed for attention, investigation, analysis or resolution. A committee has no power see, except the ability allotted to that by its appointer.

What is Management Committee

The term committee is also remarked as team, board, task-force, commission etc. It implies the existence of a bunch to accomplish bound acts. it should be outlined as “a cluster of persons to whom, as a group, some matter is committed.” Committees are wide used, though they’re usually criticized for being long and inefficient. analysis studies indicate that the correct use of committees may end up during a larger motivation, improved downside determination and accrued output. In fact, the matter isn’t the existence of committees however rather the manner they’re conducted and wherever they’re used. Meaning of ManagementWhat is Management Committee

Nature and Scope of Committee in Management

There is a wide variation in the authority-assigned to committees and thus the nature of committees also varies. The following discussion will make it clear.

Functions and Formalities of Committees: A committee may be with or without managerial functions. Some committees may make decisions while others may receive information only some of them may have line authority and others are staff authority. Committees are also being informal or formal. A committee, formed without specific delegation of authority usually by top level executive desiring group thinking on a particular problem, may be termed an informal committee. On the other hand, formal committee is an organized as part of the origination structure, with specific duties and responsibilities.

Roles of Committee Members: Members play a certain roles in any type of committee. Some try to encourage others to contribute in discussion sector and these are follows by the others. Someone gives information, others are looking for information. Some are playing an aggressive role, while others one try to co-ordinate the group’s efforts or negotiates a compromise in the event of disagreements.

Broader Uses of Committee: Committees are a fact of modern organizational life. These are used in all kind of organization like government, non-government, non-government, autonomous etc. These are operating in education sectors, industrial organizations and the commercial enterprise sectors. A board of directors of a company is also a committee, as are its various constituent, the audit committee, the salary and wages review committee, the grievance committee, the salary and wages review committee, the charge committee, planning committee as well as various other position and special committees. There is more information about What is Communication Management? Types of Communication.

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